I have always loved to be creative in some way. I have gone through many stages in my life, but my art has always given me comfort. When I am creating, I am in another world so to speak. Regardless of how old I get, I seem to have an insatiable need to learn new techniques. When my children were young I always loved when they had to come up with creative projects. They will say to this day, that I probably did more of the projects than they did! But we did it together as a learning experience. I feel creativity is something we need to instill in our youth and get them away from the electronics for a bit.
I began as a painter many years ago. My medium then was acrylics on all different surfaces from wood to rocks. Then I discovered the beauty and versatility of gourds, and I am so excited when I work with them. I do many techniques on my gourds, but the one that I love the most is carving and filigree, on them. I take the raw gourd from cutting and cleaning it, to dying or painting on it, to carvings and piercings for lamps. It takes many hours to go through all these processes, and is so rewarding to see the finished gourd. When I do "one of a kind gourds", they will be signed by me as the artist. Most of my products have purpose, whether it be a jewelry box or a lamp so they are useful in your home. When I select a gourd, I might have an idea in my head, but the progress just evolves. It is fun to see how different my first idea and the finished product changes. Its like Magic!
     I hope you enjoyed scrolling through my website and please come back often as I will be adding to my inventory new and unique products as soon as I finish them.

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